Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stretching by Bob Anderson

This is a truly excellent book, I have had my copy for well over ten years, refer to it on a regular basis to this day.

Mr. Anderson, has taught stretching to professional sports teams including, the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

I originally purchased this book becaue I was in martial arts, and was looking for ways to improve my flexibility for Tae Kwo Do.  It served me very well in that role.

As I got older I started to use it to deal with and treat work related issues, repetitive stress injuries in my hands & bad back.

One rather unique and very useful feature of this book, is the section of Routines for different sports or problems.  Show specific stretch routines for boxing, which are different than the ones for running.  Also has one for sitting and back pain.

Stretching is an invaluable resource for any athlete or anyone having problems with joints or flexibility.

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